Medical Kit Content

Do you have materials to donate for the midwives kits? Please get in touch! We had various donors bring or ship down materials to Guatemala, which are in use with the midwives now. This is what one medical kit contains:

1 fetoscope, 1 box of gloves, 30 sterile surgical gloves, 1 gallon of chlorhexidine, 10 syringes of 5 cc ea, 1 rubber suction bulb, 1 surgical steel scissors (curved), 2 surgical steel scissors (straight), 3 surgical clamp tweezers, stainless steel box for utensils, gauze, cotton, 1 thermometer, 1 sphygmomanometer with stethoscope, 1 fetal doppler, 1 lubricant gel, 10 umbilical plastic clamps, umbilical cord string, 1 hot water bag, 1 infant hand scale, 1 flashlight.

Oral History Collection: Documenting 20 indigenous midwives with the intention of keeping a record of their valuable ancestral wisdom while learning how to best be of support for them.

From this information log was formulated our the first round of a 6-month training program for local midwives: Empowerment through Education. The outcome of these chronicles will be a short documentary to honor and share the fascinating stories of these powerful women.


Empowerment through Education Program

A 6-month training on ancestral Maya medicine integrated with professional midwifery practices for local midwives.. JOIN US IN 2024!

We believe that true empowerment comes from access to education. Through offering this 6-month program we aim to support traditional Mayan midwives both with basic professional midwifery skills while reviving the ancestral wisdom inherent to their roots. We bring the young ones together with the elder midwives, to ensure intergenerational knowledge- and cultural transmission, raising the next generation of midwives. At the end of each program the students receive a complete medical midwifery kit.

Oral History Collection


We open the unique opportunity to a small selection of non-Maya midwives and foreigners to join the training, starting January 13th till June 29th! Your contribution will fund FREE education for local Maya midwives. You can join a single class, the full program, or some modules. Click on the right to get more details on the program and prices. We only have a small selection of spaces available for those who feel called to this really special experience.

 "In my dreams, the ancestors showed me how to attend births and do the massages. They taught me everything."
- Doña Dominga 

A succesful first round!

The first program ran from August 2022 till January 2023 and was amazing. About 20 Mayan midwives from around Guatemala gathered on a weekly basis with ages ranging from 12 to 75 years old, enhancing intergenerational knowledge exchange and cultural preservation, while integrating modernday midwifery skills into their practice. For many women, it was the first time they shared their wisdom, dreams and experiences in a circle of midwives. Not only learning and preserving ancient and modernday skills, but also forming a strong circle of support and sisterhood. 

Read below some of the feedback that we received from some of the midwives that joined the program..

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