We say thankyou, three times. Maltiox, Maltiox, Maltiox

We are grateful for all donations that have allowed The Midwife Project to grow. Thanks to our donors, we were able to document the stories of 20 indigenous midwives and started creating a short documentary to honor the work and stories of these special women. We identified the needs of the midwives to develop the Empowerment through Education program.

Thanks to the donations, we were able to provide the opportunity to about twenty local midwives to receive free education for six months and to gather on a weekly basis during the first Empowerment through Education running from August 2022 till January 2023. All donations have gone directly towards educational materials, medical midwifery kits, payment of the midwives transportation, payment of the local teachers, and snacks during the classes. 

Since the first round of the Empowerment through Education program finished in January 2023, we kept gathering with the midwives on a monthly basis for internal organization and educational reasons. Your support will allow us to keep growing our roots strong together.





Special thanks go out towards our main donors, supporters and/or partners:

ISTA: International School of Temple Arts

Kula Collective
Sarah from Down to Birth Midwifery
Nicole Arruda 

Kathryn Mayeux
Bonnita Preston
Dr. Amy Tafeen (chiropractor and guestteacher)
Villa Sumaya - Santa Cruz la Laguna, Guatemala
Femina Global

If you are interested in being of continual support to our project, please reach out to us!
We also welcome donations in form of medical midwifery kit materials, and are grateful for what we have received so far from midwives from different corners of the world. 

Any questions on how to support us best? Please fill in the form below.







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