We are excited to expand our vision and answer to the need of birthing centers in different areas around Guatemala. A main focus of the project is to realize a health care facility around San Marcos la Laguna that is focused on reproductive health offering support to women and families during pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond. Integrating the best from modern medicine while uplifting and revaluing ancestral traditional Maya medicine. 

The need for this independent facility is palpable as there is a lack for competent maternal health care in San Marcos la Laguna. There is no doctor, the health post (governmental health care facility) is insufficient with no running water in some cases, no equipment, staff or medications, needing to transfer to San Pablo our neighboring village or the National hospital which is one hour away. Most people cannot afford to pay for private health care. Leaving little or no options for the women of San Marcos la Laguna.  

This health care facility and our programs will serve as a model birthing center and education programs that can be used in every village that needs it. Supporting midwives to offer their work with certainty that what they bring is essential to the wellbeing of the community, and that they are not alone. Empowering the women through education to know what their possibilities are outside a state of oppression. Offering the women a place where they are safe and where they feel respected.

Are you experienced in grant writing for similar projects and want to support us in this part of our mission? Do you feel that you have a key connection or link for us to help realize this part of the project? Then please reach out to us via the form below!

"The most important is to weave the wisdom."
- Jun Kan Zavala


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